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is to TRAIN disciples of Jesus Christ
to become mature Christians and to EQUIP those with a five-fold ministry calling
to become EFFECTIVE


On-site Classes – Atlas Building, 120 W. 7th Street Room 208, Plainfield, NJ
Personal Development – Thurs. 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Discipleship/Leadership Training – Thurs. 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Ministerial Training – Thurs. 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Registration Period: March 1 – 29th
Classes begin: Thursday, April 5th – June 7th
6:30 – 8:30 pm

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Perfecting Institute
has added Personal Development curriculum
to its course offerings

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Please read these important Guidelines for Perfecting Institute: Any of the Perfecting Institute’s courses or semesters can be brought to your church or your members can be sent to our institute. The choices are up to you. We are here to train and equip your members for the work of the ministry for the spreading of the Gospel. Each semester must have a minimum of ten (10) registered students.

All course material is supplied and developed by Mollie Germain Ministries, Inc. exclusively and cannot be duplicated or used outside of this institute. Course material fees must be received, along with the tuition fee, prior to the start of the semester. Audit students will not receive course material.

Leadership Ministry Training

Requirements for Effective Ministry - A Church Leadership Training Manual by Mollie Germain & Harold N. GermainMollie Germain Ministries has been given a mandate by God to help equip the church for the next move of God. As such, God has commanded us to publish a new book entitled, Requirements for Effective Ministry It is a Church Leadership Training Manual that covers every aspect of church leadership from the pastor to the greeter at the door. 

It starts with the most basic requirement which is our relationship with the Godhead because without that intimate relationship we can lead no one and ends with golden nuggets of wisdom that God has given us throughout the forty eight years we have spent as effective church leaders.

This book contains biblical insight into every office held in church government, including those who lead from behind, describing God’s expectation of the assignments and things we need to address in our private life. Those things include, but are not limited to: ministerial calling and separation, integrity, our inner circle, relationships and attitudes towards serving others. These things have a direct impact on our effectiveness or lack thereof. The book has been written to answer questions often thought but seldom voiced or answered relative to effective ministry. Click here for more

Visit our Leadership Ministry Training page
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about the training.